Pioneers in the packaging industry

Emas was opened in 1993 and since then has been one of the pioneers in the packaging industry during the economic transformation in Poland.

We manufacture a wide range of packaging from different types of cardboard and paper with customised printed labels.


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Corrugated boxes 3-ply and 5-ply cardboards

Available products from Emas:

flap boxes

punch boxes

box equipment

assortment for packaging

flexographic printing

packaging design

Corrugated cardboard - producer

Emas specialises in the design, production and sale of packaging and packaging assortments.

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High and repeatable quality of products and services.

Integrated ERM system

Experience and commitment of our employees

Deliveries to the customer by our own transport

Short delivery times

Reservation of production dates

Intervention deliveries

Just-in-time supply system

Unusual, small parties

Consultancy in full range

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